Discover why we offer ResMed CPAP products

With a steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and patient satisfaction, we have chosen ResMed as our preferred brand to ensure our clients receive the best-in-class solutions for their sleep apnoea needs. ResMed’s innovative technology, user-friendly designs, and extensive research-backed products align seamlessly with our mission to provide effective and comfortable sleep therapy options for our patients

Air Sense 11 AutoSet

Introducing ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet, the next generation CPAP machine that can auto-adjust air pressure based on your breathing requirements. To help make CPAP therapy easy and comfortable, AirSense™ 11 AutoSet comes with three different therapy modes, automatic updates, and an enhanced design to simplify set up.

Feel confident when starting your CPAP therapy with features such as the Personal Therapy Assistant, which offers voice-guided video instructions, and Test Drive, a tool designed to help you become more comfortable before you begin therapy.

ResMed AirSense™ 11 AutoSet boasts intuitive controls, an easy-to-use touch screen and customisable settings to ensure effortless navigation. Our built-in Care Check-In feature also provides encouragement and helps you stay connected with your care team.

Receive automatic software updates with built-in cellular connectivity* to your device.  *Cellular connectivity depends on network availability



The world’s smallest CPAP device. In terms of overall size, ResMed’s AirMini is the most compact CPAP device ever manufactured. A suite of bespoke innovations are designed to deliver the performance of a traditional bedside device – but at a fraction of the size. With Bluetooth connectivity and a unique AirMini App, AirMini is designed to engage with your world with ease – offering immediate and intuitive access to guided setup videos, comfort settings and daily sleep scores for a smart, supportive therapy experience. Utilising the same established algorithms as our popular AirSense 10 range, AirMini is built to offer the same quality of design ResMed has delivered for over 25 years – working exclusively with our latest mask products to help ensure that trusted standard of performance.


Airsense 10 AutoSet

The AirSense 10 AutoSet is a premium auto-adjusting pressure therapy device that automatically adjusts pressure levels to suit your changing needs throughout the night.  The AirSense 10 AutoSet is also set to deliver therapy at the most comfortable temperature and humidity levels when used with ResMed’s new HumidAir™ heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir™ heated tube. And with wireless connectivity* built into your machine, your healthcare professional can stay more connected to your therapy progress than ever before.

Engineered to be intuitive and easy-to-use, you can simply plug in the machine and press Start.**

* Wireless communication depends on network availability


Airsense 10 AutoSet for Her

Research shows that sleep apnea in women is different to sleep apnea in men.1 So it makes sense that your treatment should be different too. The AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her device is part of the first complete sleep therapy solution tailored for women — combining cutting edge device technology with masks designed to give you a great night’s sleep.

And with wireless connectivity* built into your machine, your healthcare professional can stay more connected to your therapy progress than ever before.**

*Wireless communication depends on network availability


AirFit F20

Full-face mask
  • Innovative InfinitySeal silicone cushion designed to fit everyone, tolerate misfitting and accommodate patient movement
  • Comfortable and flexible frame designed to support the widest range of facial types
  • Easy to use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • Clear field of vision for reading or watching TV in bed

AirFit N20

An easy fit with the InfinitySeal technology

Regardless of your face shape or size, the silicone cushion adapts to your profile thanks to its uniquely contoured design. Moving comfortably with you through the night, it provides a secure fit and comfortable seal tailored to your therapy needs.

  • InfinitySeal silicone cushion designed to accommodate your movements and tolerate misfitting
  • Flexible fabric-lined frame delivers breadth of fit while adding comfort
  • Easy to use magnetic clips for quick fitting
  • Plush headgear assists in giving a more comfortable night’s therapy

AirFit N20 Classic

It’s designed to fit a wide range of face shapes, and be easy to fit the first time and every time. Every face is different. That’s why our innovative silicone cushion adapts to your unique facial contours to deliver a secure  and comfortable fit, regardless of your face shape and size. Made to accommodate different fitting techniques and movement during therapy, the AirFit 20 masks are designed to perform well however you wear it.

Regardless of your face shape or size, the InfinitySeal silicone cushion is designed to provide a secure fit and flexible seal.


AirFit P10

The right fit for you. The ResMed AirFit™ P10 nasal pillows mask is our quietest mask yet. Bringing you the latest technology in sleep apnea therapy, the AirFit P10 is approximately 50% quieter and 50% lighter than its predecessor.1 A recent ResMed study found that patients using the AirFit P10 wore it for 40 minutes longer per night.2 Offering premium comfort and ease of use without compromising stability, the AirFit P10 also sports a unique split-strap headgear design for minimal facial contact and a real sense of freedom.


AirTouch F20

This is a mask unlike anything we’ve ever designed. The AirTouch F20 is the first ResMed mask to use proprietary UltraSoft memory foam cushion technology for the perfect blend of comfort and performance. The AirTouch F20 delivers unprecedented comfort and a light, breathable seal – even at high pressures. And with its modular frame design, you can conveniently switch between AirTouch 20 memory foam and AirFit 20 InfinitySeal cushions, without removing the mask frame, until you find the best option for each patient. QuietAir™ is our innovative diffuser vent technology within the mask elbow that makes the AirTouch F20 89% quieterand 70% gentler than before.Featuring small multidirectional openings over a widespread area, QuietAir breaks up exhaled air so that it’s spread out lightly.



Take your new beginning in great sleep to the next level with myAir™, an exclusive feature available to users of AirSense™ 10 devices with built-in wireless connectivity* and AirCurve™ 10 devices. This easy-to-use web program syncs up with your CPAP machine to let you know how you went with therapy the night before, and helps you stay on track throughout your sleep apnea treatment journey.

* Available only in the following products: AirSense 10 AutoSet (product no. 37352), AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her (product no. 37353), AirSense 10 CS PaceWave (product no. 37354), AirSense 10 Elite (product no.37393)

This is a brilliant feature the devices have, which allows us to monitor your progress and allows users to keep a track of how their progress.

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