Hear from some of our patients

A very friendly and caring place that truly cares for you and your sleep. Make a first step to a great nights sleep and pop in and say hi. I now look forward to sleep and enjoy it once again – Christopher Brooks

Until I slept with a partner I never realized that sleeping was such a tough gig. I frightened him so much with my laboured breathing, stopped breathing and pounding heartbeat that he strong-armed me to make that first appointment with Alice. It has changed both our lives because we now both have machines. Thanks Alice for your care – Erin Menkens

Robert had a sleep test quite a few months ago. He used to stop breathing some ridiculous amount of times per hour. Not to mention the snoring!! Now thanks to the professional help from Alice, Robert now sleeps better than ever. Resulting in him having much more energy and me having a much better sleep as well. The sleep test is done in the comfort of your own home and Alice is even happy to help regional clients. If you are in the need for a decent night’s sleep, call her now! You will be very glad you did – Sally Kirkwood

My life has changed for the better, Alice has been very helpful in the whole process – Steven Crowley


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